ACV Rinse and Preparing Hair for Color

Gray hair is “gon’ do what it’s gon’ do.” It is not going to do what you want it to do. I thought I had to accept the fickleness of my gray hair when I started coloring it. If it took the color, hooray! If it didn’t, oh well. There are worse things to cry about. I have tried pre-softening the gray hair so that the color takes to the hair, and it does work. But when I read about the benefits of an apple cider vinegar (ACV) rinse, I figured it may be worth a try.

ACV Rinse and Preparing Hair for Color

Color Preparation

I always shampoo my hair the day before I color it with Motions Moisture Creme Neutralizing Shampoo (that’s my secret weapon!) and my Oatmeal Water Conditioner Recipe. I only apply enough detangler to section my hair into four banded ponytails and allow it to dry overnight. This time though, I let my hair air dry almost completely and used a color brush to apply the ACV rinse (1 part water, 1 part apple cider vinegar) to my new growth only.


My hair has varying measures of porosity down the length of my hair shaft because it has new growth and is color-treated and highlighted. Porosity is the measure of how much moisture hair can absorb. Porosity can depend on many factors. For example, I can recall a cosmetologist giving me a blowout (in my relaxer days) and my hair took forever to dry. It was not color-treated at all. Because my hair is average to high porosity to start with, I have to be very careful when applying any moisture or chemical treatment because my hair takes in so much moisture.

Because I know this about my hair, I decided to apply the ACV where my hair would be the lowest porosity and the least damaged, which is at the new growth. My purpose was to clarify this area of any oils that may impede the color from penetrating the gray hair. After my color treatment, I was very happy with the uniform color. I will make the ACV rinse a regular part of my coloring routine since my hair is only getting more gray.  🙂

Color Retouch 2ACV Rinse












A Final Thought

I read many blog posts about treatments gone wrong and I know firsthand how frustrating that is. Some of us have even been set back in our natural hair care journey by bad hair decisions. Porosity is one piece of the natural hair care puzzle. Another piece is the awareness that products, treatments, rinses etc. do not have to be slathered all over the hair if it is not necessary. Target the hair in zones and give each zone what it needs for a much more polished finish to the hair. Perform a strand test to give a better prediction of how the hair will respond. Feel the product in your hands before you apply it to your hair. I bought some Yucca Root Powder to try in a shampoo recipe. After I mixed it and felt it with my hands, I could feel the drag it put on my skin. I didn’t want that happening in my hair, so I ditched the idea of using that for now. And stick with what works for your hair and experiment with new products one at a time.

Please let me know if this information was helpful! ❤ Ally


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